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Welcome to CryptoCanal. We started this blog with the goal of making it the largest site for resources, information, tutorials and news about the world of Blockchain technology in Latin America.
After spending years working, breathing and discovering all the things that this new technology implies, we realized that our countries are still far from all the advantages that have developed since the birth of Bitcoin back in 2009. That is why that we decided to focus all our energy on informing and bringing the state of the art of the cryptocurrencies here, trying to provide valuable, useful and accurate information to show you what you need to know to squeeze the full potential of this interesting world.
We have experience with using, mining and trading both Bitcoin and Altcoins and we hope to give you all the necessary tools step by step so you can make the Blockchain universe your home.
We know that you will be regularly here, it is a pleasure for us to grow with you!

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